Published by Tim Cockell on Thu, 25 Apr 2019 13:57

Starting from Monday 29th April a new major upgrade to our lighting and Audio Visual capabilities is being installed in church.  For a while now we have been looking at how we use lighting creatively in church, and those of you who have been to our recent Holy Week and Easter services will have seen how lighting used well can enhance our worship.  

The work will include complete replacement of the white lighting with state of the art dimmable LED units which will increase light levels as well as be able to be controlled via computer and be pre-programmed to create different lighting scenes and effects for different events.  A further addition of architectural lighting to the ceilings and window ledges will further allow us to create colour washes and scene changes for different events too.  The members of the Worship Committee and PCC are very excited about this exciting new development.

Anyone who has been in church when we have tried to use the projector and screen will know just what a faff it has become and what a hazard it is with trailing cables.  Furthermore no-one can really see the screen because it is just too low.  So the second part of our new enhancements is the installation of a new drop down screen from behind the chancel arch with fixed projector on the back wall.  In addition there will be two flat panel monitors in both the North and South Aisles so that people sitting there don't have to move to see what is being presented.  A camera system is also being installed to help with sight lines.  There are many other enhancements and changes being made to the existing sound system, but to be honest they are far too many to number and much of it is behind-the-scenes "techie stuff" that will probably bore most people!

The work is due to take place over the next 4 weeks as there is a lot to do.  This means that we are unable to have funerals in church and other events will have to relocate too until the work is complete.  We may also be running on temporary lighting until the work is complete and fully commissioned.

We do hope you will enjoy these new enhancements.  We are certainly looking forward to using them.


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