Published by Jonathan Smith on Mon, 27 Jan 2020 11:24

We recently came back from a mini-break visiting family near a favourite seaside spot. On the beach I couldn’t help wonder at the amazing creation in which we’ve been given to live, work and play. For me, God is all over creation and I can’t help but be filled with awe at what he’s given us. I admit my inner child openly expresses itself given a bit of sea air, sand and water! Even more than that, when there are others to share the fun experience with, well, I’ve noted all of a sudden something special happens. I’d describe it like a shared joy, a strange glow of belonging to place and to others. A rising feeling of complete satisfaction and fulfilment.

St Augustine, one of our most celebrated Church fathers living around 300AD tried to explain the Trinity as a completely fulfilled relationship in which God is the Father, God is the Son and God is the Spirit. His description encapsulated these elements of joy, belonging and fulfilment - everywhere - all the time! It’s funny how a bit of sea air and the wonder of creation sets my mind running theologically!

Stumbling a little further along the misty beach we came across a pebble picture of a church which had been made from rocks and shells. (See the photo.) It could have been St. Marks and it reminded me that in our church community we can always do more with our space together. Perhaps, in it, we can start more conversations helping us to understand the Christian journey and encourage one other in faith to see Jesus more clearly. St Marks is an old and impressive building built by genius craftsmen in a time centuries ago but for some it might represent a daunting place where to enter you need big prayers, perfect and sorted lives. Actually, to the contrary, our faith tells us that when we come into His space and allow Him into our hearts He is the faithful and loving one who will find us.

What’s your favourite space to think clearly? A place that during confusing times helps you see ‘the wood for the trees. Perhaps it’s a favourite chair at home? Perhaps it’s in your morning shower or drive to work? Perhaps walking along the beach or maybe just spending time with others in church?

If you’ve never been to church before (or even thought of its benefits) can we invite you to come and spend some time in the Christian community of St Marks this year? Come and hear, learn and wonder with us and you never know, it might just reveal the journey of a lifetime!  

Rev Jonathan (Curate)

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