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  • This event has already taken place.
Sunday, 11 July 2021 10:00

Worship in Church on Sundays has once again resumed. Our Family Service will continue to be said in church on a Sunday morning, at 10am. We are restricted to a limit of 30 people attending. This service will be streamed live from church on Facebook and via our YouTube Channel.

We have tried to resist implementing any sort of booking system for places at church services, as it feels out of place in the context of worship. However, we need to know in advance who is planning on attending, for the Test and Trace system and to avoid turning people away, so we are putting a simple booking system in place. Please phone Glenn on 01788 572611 (before midday on the Saturday before the Sunday service) to request a place.

Online services will still continue for those who feel unable to come to church or can't get a place.  We hope to stream the live 10am service directly from church.


Other pre-recorded services are available. Please see our website:  https://www.stmarksbilton.org.uk/ or Facebook page for further information. 

Location St Mark's Church, Bilton, Facebook and our Homepage www.stmarksbilton.org.uk