Small group juggling

Whilst most people would associate worship with large buildings, members of our Yeast groups would agree that ‘church’ can equally happen in each others’ homes.

Yeast groups are an opportunity to gather in a small group, to get to know one another, to share worship, to explore God’s word in the bible and to find practical ways to share our faith.

Yeast Groups are focused on five values:

  • All involved: every member in ministry
  • Becoming Disciples: discerning God’s will for us and following Christ
  • Creating Community: sharing lives and building relationships
  • Doing Evangelism: sharing God’s love with others
  • Encountering Jesus: realising the reality of His presence with us

    Currently Groups meet on a fortnightly basis on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. For more information please contact one of the clergy.