Yew tree in St Mark's Churchyard

Prayer for healing is an important part of our ministry at St Mark’s. Twice a month towards the end of our communion service we invite people to come for the laying on of hands by members of the healing team, to ask them to pray for special concerns for ourselves or others.

People may wonder why this is offered when intercessions and personal prayers already happen. Sometimes we may feel the need for more than these, perhaps God prompts us because he wants to guide us or help in a particular way.

For some this may feel like a difficult step to take. We might feel anxious or unsure about it, but having others pray for us in these circumstances can be very powerful and real insight can result.

We, or those we are praying for, may be healed in ways we hadn't expected, we can be helped to understand what God wants for us, or just be given acceptance and peace - the greatest healing of all. This may happen in God's time rather than ours - we can try to be patient and trust in the Lord for his healing in his time.

Healing Prayer is currently offered at our 6pm evening service on the second Sunday of each month, and at our 10am service on the third Sunday.

Members of the Healing Prayer group also meet most Thursday afternoons at 4pm in the Church Centre Upper Room for an hour of quiet prayer for those in need. Others are always welcome to join us, and many people have experienced a great un-burdening through this quiet encounter with Christ's healing love.

To find out more about Healing Prayer at St Mark’s please contact Beryl Weare at