Money in hand

Our faith encourages us to give generously to the work of God and to those in need. In fact, giving is at the very heart of God and part of his nature. God gave us our world to be good stewards of it and giving back to him a proportion of all we get is recognition of that fact. In the gospels, Jesus’ second most common teaching is what we do with our money.

If ‘making God known’ is the main focus of our mission, we find ourselves needing increasing funds to meet this challenge in our day. By making a commitment to support your church you will help us to plan responsibly for the upkeep and development of St Mark’s ministry and also be making a personal response to God’s generosity.

For more information on different ways of giving to St Mark’s, including tax efficient ones you might like to consider, go to our Giving Page where you can download our Regular Giving form in PDF format.