Ariel view of Bilton

St Mark’s has a long history and a vibrant community in the present, but it is our vision which determines our future direction.

The way we express our vision is through our mission statement, a list of three things which define who we are as a church:

• Worshipping God

• Sharing His Love

• Making Him Known

At St Mark’s we firstly want to be a community defined by our life of worship and prayer. Worship is something we believe we were created to do, and we are most fully alive when we’re doing it.

Secondly we are committed to following the example of Jesus, reaching out to others with the love that he first showed us. We believe love should be a characteristic that defines us individually and as a community at St Mark’s.

Finally, there is an outward dimension to our life together, the desire to be good news in our local community, and to pass on the message of Jesus Christ to our generation.


Ministry Leadership Team

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) is a body dedicated to helping the church fulfil its mission statement.

The role of the MLT is to discern where St Mark’s fits into God’s mission to the world, and to recognise, release and resource every church member to take their place within this mission. It does this by listening - to God, church members and the wider community – and from this recommends action for the church to take.

Each year the MLT identifies areas of church life to help grow and develop. This year together with the PCC we concentrated on the attitudes, rather than actions, we felt God was asking us to change. We identified four:

1. Outreach

2. Children and families

3. The environment

4. Generosity

If there is any aspect of church life you’d like to discuss with an MLT member, try grabbing one after a service and they will be glad to listen! To find out who is a member of the MLT see the meet the team page.